Post a Comment. Thursday, June 18, [Drama Review] Reply Set in , six university students from various provincial areas of South Korea live together at a boarding house in Sinchon, Seoul, which is run by a couple with a daughter name Na Jung. Like it predecessor, Reply , it follows a non-linear story telling where it shifts between the past in and the preset in , making the viewers guess who will become Na Jung’s husband among the male characters. The series follows the pop culture events that happened between and the years that follow, including the emergence of seminal KPOP group Seo Taiji and Boys and the Korean Basketball League. She is majoring in Computer Engineering and has an easygoing personality. She is a big fan of the basketball player Lee Sang Min. He is a medical student and his best friend was Na Jung’s late older brother, so her grew up with the Sung siblings.

Answer Me 1994 (2013)

Reply Youtube Due to the increased demand for films based on Marvel and DC comic books, crossovers between different stories have become a popular phenomenon in Hollywood. Although crossovers appear to be in demand among viewers in Korea, the television and film industry has not produced many of them. Fans speculate what kind of crossover will occur in each installment of the series and this draws viewership. Cast of “Reply ” on an episode of “Reply ” Youtube Although it appears that crossovers can create buzz, there are obstacles to producing one, including copyright laws.

In Hollywood, the copyright for characters mostly belong to a single production company. Korean production companies, on the other hand, have to bear additional costs for crossovers, since the copyright for characters often belong to the writers of shows.

Answer Me / Reply / Respond is here! 일째 만남 (th date) / Roo-ra 년 어느 늦은 밤 (A late night of ) / Jang Hye-jin the song on ep 16 when Trash is on the bus and the cast of reply appear?

Merry Christmas! I wonder how they will manage of story in 6 EPs when they used 14 EPs to tell the story of As much as I am, too, reluctant due to the marvellous 80s BGMs , we need to move away from the 80s. Cos we still have the 90s, 00s and 10s. Since Sung Dong Il is now debt free. The electronics, furniture, fashion, displays at each house would have to change too.

Ah, speaking of which, the bank that Sung Dong Il is working at now, the Han Il bank, is destined to dissolved after it merged with other banks in probably due to the Asian Financial Crisis in Dong Ryong and Jung Hwan would be in University or would have gone to military service.

Review: Answer Me, 1994 [Reply 1994]

We finally conclude the mystery and the journey, as the beginning of adulthood ushers in the end of an era. Bye, Headless Guy. The series went out on a high of Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

In terms of the storyline overall, I would rate above , above , and has a really tight ensemble cast as all the families interact with each other.

Premise : The story revolves around the lives of 7 college students who end up living at the Shincheon Boarding House while going to the same university in Seoul. Like the first one as well, the main character is a die hard fan girl, only of the college basketball star Lee Sang Min. She is the daughter of the owners of the boarding house. And of course the parents are played by the same parents in Reply , which just made this drama that much more amazing.

Originally Na Jeong is a hardcore tomboy; the typical stereotypical main girl who eats a lot though her mom makes a lot and is loud and a little violent but ultimately lovable. Everything she does is in extremes, whether it is eating, sleeping, hitting or fangirling. What I appreciate about this series is the time and effort the writers took to create a dynamic character.

“Reply 1994” Actress Reveals Her Drastic Transformation With Hot Bikini Photo

It worked, for the most part. Sometimes, scenes seem to go on longer than necessary, but I feel like this is done with purpose. The uneasy beat is allowed to stay on our screens longer than most other dramas would allow, and the atmosphere starts to feel more than a little uncomfortable.

The sequel to Reply bringing it back to with Go Ara, Jung Woo, Cast​!: Go Ara | Jung Woo. Go Ara plays as Sung Na Jung, originally from Ki Won plays as one of Sseurek’s friends on a group date in episode 7.

The show aired on tvN in South Korea and on Netflix worldwide. Yes, the second season is coming and its official. The broadcaster tvN made an announcement that the show will be renewed after seeing its immense popularity and impressive ratings from all over the world. It is expected that the second season will be released in March although the release date has not been officially confirmed.

A Korean website Hankyung has claimed that the show might be released in Thus, K-drama fans might have to hold their breath for quite some time as the release dates can change depending on the pandemic. The second season will be also directed by Shin Won-ho so we can expect to see even more of his brilliance.

‘Reply 1994’ cast news post (extension talks, interviews, etc.)

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on projects such as to reply ′,’Reply , and reply ′. Also Read: Dark Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Other Details.

Post a comment. Wednesday, 17 February Reply Reply During , six university students from the country board together in Seoul. General Thoughts:. Sorry guys- but I need to vent. The show starts off on the right foot and the right tone. Haha, poor Bongie.

Reply 1994

Following last year’s cable breakout hit Answer Me the nostalgia fest continues with Answer Me a. Reply revolving around the residents of a Seoul boarding house run by everyone’s favorite mom and dad Lee Il Hwa and Sung Dong Il and their spunky daughter played by Go Ara. Most of the boarding house residents? Like the series charms in spades through the characters’ humorous and heartwarming daily lives and interactions mixed with colorful dialects college initiations fangirl crazes ambiguous romances and makeshift families and friendships that last a lifetime.

I’m pretty sure, many of you have known about REPLY And you Cast: Go Ara as Sung Na Jung – Yoo Yeon Seok as Chilbong And second, when they were dating, trash need to went to busan for several months.

I have no feeling whatsoever on the husband reveal since I have no clue why this drama needed to actually keep in the bag who the husband of the leading lady was. By the time the drama picked up steam I was so busy I decided to bank it until it finished for a nice marathon session. Then the shipping wars began and boy did it look like a slow motion train wreck even from the sidelines were I was standing.

Now that the drama is finished, what is the recommendation on the totality of AM? Should I even bother to watch it? Will those who recommend it turn out to only be viewers whose ship sailed? Will the sunken ship fandom give a persuasive argument for why this drama is so fundamentally flawed as to be not worth my time?

K-Drama Review: Let’s Travel Back in Time with the Drama ‘Reply 1994’!

Reply keeps the trend of the guessing game throughout the entire drama. Caught between two great guys, the series known to keep its viewers guessing right up to the end. The characters are quirky and very unique. But what makes it different is that the characters themselves are all lovable. The close bond between them gives the viewers a fun time that may remind them of their own past.

“Reply ” Writers Tease Cast with First Half of Final Episode Script. Cable channel tvN drama It’s official: Ryu Jun Yeol and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri are dating.

He was under 30 then, had a brother with heart issues just like JB and their parents were preparing for year anniversary. So according to this source originally Kim Jung Hwan was destinied to die. Acc to the spoiler, T came and spent a night there with JH, they talked about DS, her feelings for SW at first, when T started his feelings for DS then comes the flashback of childhood as seen in ep SW and BR dating was unveiled. The parents protested while the children supported them.

DS came in and see Hwan, he intended to say something to her but hesitated, instead told her that he wished her happiness; she wished him the same,. JH died in the crash. The block suddenly became dreary. The mothers cried, hugging eachother.

“Reply 1994” Jung Woo Found to Be Broken Up with Fashion Designer Girlfriend

All hailing from various parts of Korea, a group of college students go from being complete strangers to a big happy family at a Seoul boarding house. In , Yoon-jin visits Na-jung, her friend of 19 years. Na-jung is stuck in bed from a bad case of back pain after viewing a college basketball game.

It’s a trip back to Korea through the lives of a handful of somethings — complete The housemate cast features Baeksang Arts Award winner Jung Woo​, K-pop group B1A4’s Unbeknownst to her parents, Na-jung dates Sseureki.

Watch the video. This drama will focus on the extreme fan culture that emerged in the s when idol groups took center stage and K-pop was blossoming. Baseball pitcher Kim Je-hyeok becomes a convict overnight after being sent to prison for defending his sister from a sexual assault, days before he was due to fly to the US to join the Boston Red Sox. Hospital Playlist tells the story of five doctors who have been friends since they entered medical school in This a Drama series about a group of co-workers in their twenties who started their job at a big multinational company.

This is a story about their everyday life, about their journey each day at the office. The drama will follow the story of a woman named Dong Baek and show how Ji Ho is a single woman.

Go Ara Shares Fun Photos From Recent “Reply 1994” Team Reunion

However another set of rumors surfaced within a week, this time with actress Kim Yoo Mi, and the actor has confirmed that this one is partly true! His agency spoke on his behalf as they stated, “The rumors about them having dated for a year and are thinking about marriage are not true. However, it is true that they’ve been harboring feelings for one another since about 3 months ago when they dined together along with movie staff members in the last half of the production stage for their movie ‘Red Family’.

The agency further added, “As the two are in the beginning stages of getting to know one another carefully, Jung Woo is worried that this might make things awkward for the two of them

Cast members of “Hospital Playlist” — Yoo Yeon-seok (from left), Kim Playbook” — and Yoo Yeon-seok — who starred in “Reply ” in

The photos show Jung Woo dressed up in outfits such as checkered loungewear, posing in a nineties-esque home. Another photo shows Jung Woo holding up a bag of chips, which starkly contrasts his trendy and fashionable outfit. After the shoot, Jung Woo, who has been acting for over 13 years, shared his thoughts on his co-stars and their acting. He knows exactly what to do and how to do it.

As for Samcheonpo Kim Sung Kyun , who is the same age as me, he is a really kind and pure-hearted friend. He is an expert on acting so I learn a lot from him. Last year, the actor attended the wedding of a person affiliated with his agency and performed a song to congratulate the couple. The video caught the attention of many female fans, and many netizens praised the actor on his musical talent.

There are many factors to consider when debating the question of an extension. First is the schedule and the health of the cast. While in the beginning, filming occurred at a leisurely schedule, now, as the scripts are being reported as coming out later and later, the shooting schedule is too hectic and tight for the cast to be able to rest.

What do you think, drama fans?

Son Ho Jun Talks Answer Me 1994 & Does His Best Aegyo

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